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10 Brilliant Ways To Make Your New Home In New Braunfels Feel Bigger

March 10, 2016

Does your living room feel cramped or your bedroom cluttered? The way you arrange your furniture and your design choices can make your home seem smaller or emphasize a smaller room. Knowing how to plan the décor in a room can help make your home in New Braunfels feel bigger without hiring a contractor to pull down any walls. Try these 10 brilliant ways to make your home feel bigger.

1.Large pieces versus small. A large statement couch will help make a living room feel larger versus several smaller seating pieces.

2.Accent with decorative mirrors. A tried and true method of making a room look more spacious is using large mirrors for decoration. Add them to accent walls, entry ways and small dining rooms to make an optical illusion of space.

3.Decorate the ceiling. Bring eyes upward and create a feeling of more space by painting or wallpapering the ceiling with an intriguing design.

4.Pull furniture away from the walls. Pulling furniture away from the walls instead of spreading it out to the borders can expand the feel of a room. Add a lamp or bookshelf behind a couch, making the most of the space.

5.Add high shelves. Once again, drawing eyes up can give the impression of space. Add high shelves right below the ceiling to create this illusion, filling with decorative pieces or collector books.

6.Forego window dressings. In small rooms, leave the windows open and free of window dressing to open up the room and give it more depth.

7.Look for legs. When buying furniture for small rooms, look for furniture with legs. Couches, chairs and beds that are off the ground with legs give a room a larger look versus furniture that is skirted or sits directly on the floor.

8.Color code. Break your bookshelf into color coded sections or use different shades of the same color in a room. This color coding can create unity and space.

9.Light with lamps. Using multiple lamps versus overhead lights can open up a room and make it seem more expansive. It is a great way to soften the room and break up the lighting to several areas.

10.Use glass for less visual space. Clear glass uses less visual space, making it an optimum material for small rooms. Use a glass table in your dining room or a glass writing desk in your office for function without clutter. A clear glass shower door in a tiny bathroom versus a solid curtain will make the room less closed in.

Sometimes even the most brilliant decorating tips cannot change the fact that your family has outgrown your home. If it is time to upgrade to a larger space, come talk to us at Scott Felder Homes. We can help you build a home in New Braunfels that will be the perfect size for your family, with plenty of room for lifestyle. 

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