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6 Landscape Lighting Tips For your New Home in Austin

April 13, 2016

Warm Texas nights need to be spent outdoors, but sitting in a yard with only a single light bulb to illuminate your surroundings can seem a bit unromantic. There are so many lighting options available today that will not only brighten your backyard living area, but create a whole new atmosphere. Explore some of the ideas below to find what will make your outdoor life in your new home in Austin more enchanting.

1. Lamp/Tower Lighting

The term path lighting may conjure imagines of short umbrella-topped lights adorning your front sidewalk. Although that type of lighting is an option that may work for your backyard pathways, it is far from your only option.
The traditional lamp light comes in so many styles now, including sleek contemporary towers, that it absolutely offers a decorative option to light pathways and gardens. Strategically placed, these lights will adequately light a path or accent the colorful plants and rocks within your garden.

2. Embedded Lighting

A fairly new type of outdoor lighting is called embedded lighting. This lighting is, as the name suggests, embedded into decking or wooded walkways. It is perfect for using in steps or to light up a wall when within a deck. You can even take things to a whole new level by using color to compliment your outdoor ambience.

3. String Lighting

Formerly known as Christmas tree lights, string lights have become a year-round delight. Now coming in a variety of watts, lengths and styles, it is seen most often in trees creating a mystical atmosphere. Its popularity has since grown and is now used in umbrellas, gazebos, deck awnings and more to create a soft light especially desired while entertaining.

Another form of sting light is the rope light, it is a wonderful way to accent pathways, decking edges, steps and counter tops. It’s fairly easy to install and adds an extra amount of eloquence to any backyard affair.

4. Up Lighting

Up lighting is as it describes, a light pointing up or a spot light. It is used primarily as a decorative lighting to accent walls, focal plants and trees. Creativity is just beginning with the use of these lights, so feel free to explore different options and see how you can enhance your outdoor space.

5. Down Lighting

Adverse to up lighting, down lighting is used similarly to spot light a particular area. It can be used above counters, in awnings, mounted on a wall and pointed towards a table or bench. If hung in a series in a tree it creates a downward light from its branches offering a unique ambiance.

6. Accent Lighting

One of the most incredible outdoor lighting options today is accent lighting. Using combinations of color and design, whole landscapes can be transformed as night falls. Focusing design on fences and walls or displaying neon color in palm trees are a couple of possibilities accent lighting offers. Color lighting in and around a pool offers another remarkable transformation into  an intriguing outdoor haven.

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