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8 Furniture Trends To Try In Your New Home In San Antonio

March 7, 2016

Do you have rooms in your San Antonio home that need an update? Just adding a new piece of furniture from one of the new design trends can change the entire style of the room. Spruce up your home design by trying one of these furniture trends in your new home in San Antonio. 

1.Glamour. One of the new trends this year in furniture is adding glamour pieces. Try a fantastic, ornate mirror for an accent wall or a stylishly curved chair for your living room to add some glamour to your home décor.

2.Metallic leather. Metallic materials have been big sellers the last few years, including in furniture. A metallic leather chair for your home office can spice up your workspace. Even adding some metallic accent pillows can help brighten a room and give it a new look.

3.Pleats. Pleated furniture is making a comeback. Choose a lovely new couch with pleated armrests or an ottoman with a pleated skirt to add some new texture to your living room. Another option is adding a pleated skirt for your bed to stylize your master bedroom.

4.Centerpiece dining table. Forget just creating a centerpiece for your dining room table; make your dining room table the centerpiece of the room. New style trends call for stunning dining room tables that steal the show. A large, stunning plank wood or glass table with striking design can transform your dining room.

5.Sleek, small pieces. Even small areas can be updated with new furniture trends. Add a sleek and slim console to your entryway – Asian and African designs are hot this year. Or try a thin bookcase in your spare room or office to add a new look.

6.Eco-friendly materials. You will find many furniture pieces with eco-friendly materials that can be beautiful, green additions to your San Antonio home. Recycled and reclaimed materials, green paints and natural fibers are all on the list of eco-friendly furniture elements.

7.Rustic. Barn board coffee tables, desks with rustic hardware and worn leather headboards are all the rage this year. Add some rustic pieces to give your home a cool, country style. Chunky reclaimed wood, canvas as upholstery and heavy iron handles adorn many furniture pieces in stylish homes this year.

8.Writing desks. Mobile technology has brought back the writing desk for both function and style. Add a thin writing desk to your living area, bedroom or guest room as a lovely accent piece that can be used to jump on your laptop or just to be admired.

Decorating your home with the newest furniture trends is even more enjoyable when you have a new home as your canvas. Build the home you have always wanted right here in San Antonio with the help of our talented designers at Scott Felder Homes. Call today to learn more about how to begin planning to build your new home in San Antonio. 

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