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Add Personality and Visual Interest To Your Living Room In Your New Home In San Antonio

February 26, 2016

Everyone has their own style and tastes when it comes to artwork. Art is a big part of your personality and personal style and it should be showcased in your home. Adding your favorite art pieces to your living room is the perfect way to share your love for beauty and creativity with your friends and family in your new home in San Antonio. Here are a few tips to ensure you arrange your artwork to add personality and visual interest to your living room.

  • Height is critical. When hanging wall art, the piece should be at eye level. Often in living rooms, art is hung too high, since people are generally seated in the living room. A great place for a focal wall art piece is directly above a sofa, about six inches above the back. This puts it at eye level for those sitting across from the piece. 
  • Arranging several pieces together. It can be frustrating to decide how to arrange several wall pieces together to create the ideal effect. When placing art pieces together in a group, decide the layout easily without hanging and rehanging your art by creating cutouts of the pieces out of cardboard or paper first. You can try different arrangements using tape, allowing you to only need to hang the art once. Keep in mind that busier art pieces should be at the bottom and the left, or if only one is busy, put that one in the center.
  • Leveling different pieces around the room. When displaying several wall pieces of art throughout the living room, don’t try to make the bottom or top level if they are all different sizes. Instead, make the center of the art pieces at the same level for continuity. 
  • Add in display art with wall art. For a beautiful gallery wall, combine display art with your wall art for a dramatic effect. Include shelves for small sculptures or glass pieces intermixed with your wall art. Start in the middle with the most intriguing piece and work out from there, having the center piece at eye level. 
  • Keep scale in mind. When hanging artwork above a piece of furniture, keep scale in mind. A good rule of thumb is that the art piece should be smaller than the furniture’s width, approximately two-thirds of the size. You can either use smaller pieces to create a group of this size or one larger piece to make the right scale. 

If you love art, then you most likely also appreciate the creativity needed to build the perfect home. At Scott Felder Homes, it is our passion to design homes that will meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Let our designers work with you to build your new home in San Antonio to be the ultimate home for you and your family, as well as the perfect place to display your artwork.

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