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Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Your New Home In San Antonio

April 3, 2016

Your bedroom is the first place you see in the morning and the last place you see at night, so putting a little extra effort into creating a place that reflects how you want to feel can truly effect your overall day. Inserting the right mood into your bedroom décor doesn’t have to be expensive or time intensive. It may just require a little bit of imagination. Here are some ideas to stimulate some thoughts regarding what you might like to do with the bedrooms in your home.

Soft and Romantic

If you see your bedroom as a place where soft music should be playing with candlelight at night and soft sunshine in the morning, then there are several directions you can go. Keep your colors neutral or pastel, even white, to create a relaxing, tranquil free. Antiques work well with the romantic look, as does needlework and lace. Put in a chair or table, a brass or hurricane lamp, and add some pictures in oval antique frames to finish the look.

If a modern, contemporary look is more your style, use soft blues and/or browns with a white base. Use multiple pillows and a duvet to create an inviting bed. Less is more in this case, allowing the busy mind to relax. You can use a book case as a night stand or for a more romantic look, a glass table. If you need some type of design to engage you, put an area rug in the room to give that little bit of zip.

Country Sunshine

If you want to feel the sunshine when you wake up, add some color. A quilt either on the bed or hanging on the wall or headboard will bring your room to life. Go rustic and add a hutch with some books and dishes. Of course, if it’s your thing, some rooster accents will help welcome the coming up of the sun. Throw a couple of braided rugs next to the bed and a rocking chair, and the warmth will emulate immediately.

You don’t really have to go farm to get the country feeling. Try to use bold colors like red, blue, green or yellow. You can stay with one color, using solids, prints, and flowers to mix and match on the bed and windows, or use several colors to create a vibrant atmosphere. Throw in some white furniture or walls to extenuate your color. 

Life’s Sanctuary

If the bedroom is the place to go just to get away, color may not be the focus, but instead, functionality. A comfortable desk and chair for writing or reading and a book case with a variety of books to browse through added to a lounge chair that is big enough to curl up on, will provide just the place. Put a fluffy comforter on the bed to plop down upon along with some plants to give it that homey feeling. 

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We lost our house in a fire just over a year ago. We are on an excellent 1 acre lot in Shady Hollow and really wanted to stay on the property in a nice home. We talked to several contractors, and nobody who was in our price range (insurance $) really inspired a ton of confidence, though there were one or two who we felt we could go with if SF Homes wasn't able to build a house for us on our lot. Turns out they did, and they did a spectacular job. We ended up with the Mendocino II plan and their builder did a meticulous, thorough, quality job throughout. From the first rate materials to the first rate subcontractors and the thoughtful planning by everyone involved, we ended up with a house which exceeded the quality and beauty of the house we lost to the fire.

Michael D.