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Create Your Home Bathroom Into Your Ultimate Spa Retreat

May 14, 2016

If you’re like the majority of people looking to purchase or build a home in Austin, the master bath is quickly becoming as important as the kitchen and great room. Why? Because more and more people want to create their own personal spa retreat in the comfort of their own home. Scott Felder Homes in Austin has a showroom dedicated to designing the perfect master bath, creating your ultimate retreat everyday – all in the comfort of your home.

And while beautiful design and functionality are important aspects in creating your personal master bath spa oasis, it’s the little touches that will transform your bathroom into your ultimate retreat. 

Luxury Linens

Ever notice the soft, enveloping luxury of the robes and towels used at the spa? Investing in quality, comfortable linens and robes feels indulgent, but without the indulgent spa prices. 


A trip to the spa almost always includes relaxing or exhilarating scents from the oils used for aromatherapy and massage. You can easily add aromatherapy in your master bathroom with an oil diffuser. Essential oils such as lavender, orange, ylang ylang and frankincense are all used to help calm, relax and destress the mind and body. 


Ever notice that the spa feels safe and warm from the minute you walk in? Before you even begin receiving your spa treatment, you already feel more relaxed. Neutral earth tones are often used on the walls and décor, along with soothing music playing in the background, and are easily replicated in the comfort of your own master bath. 

Treat Yourself

Sometimes life gets hectic, but it’s important to remember to take some time especially for you. Your own personal master bath spa is a great way to relax, enjoy a glass of wine or champagne, and unwind – anytime!

At Scott Felder Homes, we are committed to making your homebuilding experience memorable. Our exclusive Scott Felder Homes design studio allows you one-stop, convenient shopping with only the highest-quality interior and exterior finishes. We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring your Austin home is perfect for you, and your unique lifestyle and personality. Give us a call or drop by our office and start designing your Austin dream home, today.

It is my distinct pleasure to put together this letter of recommendation for Scott Felder Homes. It's not every day that a consumer encounters a business that demonstrates such a high degree of integrity, generosity, and professionalism. My first home is a Scott Felder Home, and I look forward to working with them on my second!

Aaron G. | Austin, TX