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Decorating With Slip Covers In Your New Home In Boerne

April 7, 2016

Once thought of as cheap and sloppy, slip covers have come a long way in today’s world of home design. Giving versatility and longevity to old and new furniture a like, exploring the multiple uses available can enable you to create a new look for any room within minutes. Explore some of the options below and consider whether slipcovers can add character to your home.

Not Your Grandmother’s Slip Covers

Well-made slip covers can barely be recognized as something that isn’t the original part of the furniture and in many cases, may even look better than what is underneath. Previously a slip cover was merely a fabric thrown over and tucked into and around a chair or couch. Today, they can be custom fit, including cushions. No more sagging and dragging. Remove and clean them as necessary or change them out for an entirely new look. 

Slip covers can also be used for a variety of purposes. Originally used to cover old, worn furniture, now they can add style, color, and create a completely different atmosphere in a room. Cover older furniture to match with newer furniture, cover a chair to match a bedroom design, or after a long winter, put on a spring look to brighten the room. The possibilities are endless.

Not Just for Living Rooms Any More

The idea of slip covers has taken on a whole new life in home design. One popular slip cover is for the dining room chair. From formal to a quaint cottage feeling, solid to floral, these chair covers not only offer protection to the chair, but the ability to create whatever type of dinner atmosphere is needed. 

Another interesting creation is a slip cover for stools. Now your stools can match or compliment your curtains, tablecloths or chairs. Use stool covers on a regular basis for the family and then remove when entertaining to show off the original savvy stool cushion. 

Tables can even sport a custom fit slip cover. Use them on round dining tables or end tables for a cute look that not only added uniqueness, but, if the table slip cover is padded, heat protection can be a plus as well. Added bows or ruffles will present that dainty feeling when having tea or playing bridge with the girls.

Slip covers can be made for the bedroom head board leading to multiple facets of design. Match the curtains, table, or side chair for an added country feel or transform your bedrooms seasonally with multiple selections to mix and match with the rest of your bedroom ensemble. 

No matter what room or piece of furniture, slip covers are a simple way to enhance or reinvent any living space in your house. Interchangeable and washable, they offer new and extended life to your furniture. 

If you are hoping to build in the Boerne area, contact your friendly Scott Felder Homes representative to look at the variety of homes that can fit your family’s lifestyle.

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I think the very first thing I noticed when walking into my first Scott Felder home was the visual appeal. Now I understand this is the result of very specific staging selections, and that a person's preferences in this regard vary, but there was something different about this home compared to all the others I had visited. There was no ostentatious display of luxury. There was no "contemporary" feel, soon to be supplanted by the next fad. I walked into a Scott Felder model home with an understated elegance; a perfect balance of form and function. I had found a builder that I wanted to move forward with.

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