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How Floor Lamps Create Lighting Ambience Throughout Your Home

May 22, 2016

Lamps are more than just tools to add light to your home. When lamps are placed creatively throughout your house, they can enhance your décor, adding elegance to your home. Here are a few tips for illuminating your home in ways that not only add light, but ambience, too.

Reading Floor Lamps

If you have limited desk or table space, but want extra light for reading or for your office, a floor lamp is the perfect choice. Before choosing your floor lamp, determine what height works best for you – you’ll want a lamp positioned directly over your head. You’ll also want a lamp that has a movable neck or lampshade. This can help you adjust the light to your personal preferences. 

Matching Your Décor

In addition to providing extra light, floor lamps can be a beautiful accent to a room when you choose the right combination of style and design.

-Modern or contemporary. If you have chosen a modern look for your home, a sleek, streamlined lamp may be a good match for your décor.

-Traditional. If you prefer a traditional or classic style for your home, a tapered lampshade is always an excellent choice. Match the shape of the base to the shade; round for round, square for square.

-Accent pieces. For a plain room that needs extra flair, a floor lamp can be a great way to add an interesting accent piece. Choose a dramatic shade or intriguing shape to add both light and pizazz to the room.

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