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Make Your Guests Feel Welcome in Your New Home in Boerne

April 22, 2016

Living in the Texas Hill Country means you will have plenty of guests that want to come and visit. You don’t have to be a Bed & Breakfast to prepare the perfect stay. Setting up a great guest room can take a little work, but once its set in order, the rest is easy. Keep the furnishings simple, but adequate, and add a lounge chair and TV for extra comfort.

First Impressions

As with just about anything, first impressions set the mood. While you’re cleaning and dusting your guest room, take the time to wash the windows to present a flawless view. After the pillows have been fluffed, set a piece of chocolate on each to give your guests a sweet welcome. Top the room off with fresh flowers and a framed memory to bring a smile to their face.

Freshening Up

One of the most awkward parts of staying at another person’s house is the personal primping time. Take some of the unfamiliarity out of the air by providing those basic essentials that they wouldn’t normally bring or may have forgotten.

-Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss

-Hair brush and comb

-Hair dryer

-Robe and slippers

-Nail clippers and file

-Cotton balls and swabs

-Shower cap

-Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion

-Fresh towels and wash clothes

-Iron and ironing board

If they don’t have their own bathroom to use, put the guest items neatly in their room and be sure to coordinate bathroom times with other users.

Unwinding After the Day

Many people need a little time to relax on their own when away from home, so if you really want to add a touch of welcome, put a small refrigerator with drinks and snacks in their room. A single cup coffee maker with a selection of coffee, tea or hot chocolate would be enjoyed at any time of day. Finally, offer a selection of DVDs, books, magazines and music that you think they might enjoy. Though many people have their own technology to draw entertainment from, your effort will not go unnoticed. 

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

For some people, sleeping at home is challenging enough, much less at someone else’s home. Though you may not be able to accommodate them fully, you can offer a selection of pillows and blankets. Another useful product is a fan/light remote. This offers easy access to cooling down, warming up or simply seeing where they are going in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar place. If you would like to have a little fun with it, add a sleeping mask and ear plugs as well. 

Most of all, don’t stress about it being all perfect. Enjoy your guests while they are visiting you and both your expectations will be met. 

If you are hoping to build or buy a new home in the Boerne area, contact the experts at Scott Felder Homes. We can help you find the home that meets you and your guest’s needs.

Rhonda has been professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. She listens to what I want, how I want, and even more importantly and impressive to me, she provides a refreshing candor throughout the process. She knows that I view my first home as an investment, that I only want to put money into selections that would appraise, and cautioned me when I strayed from that plan. Bradley, my builder, has been extremely helpful in every way possible. He truly helped curate the beautiful home we are happy to be living in. Both of these people have exemplified why I'm glad I chose Scott Felder and they deserve to be commended for it.

Savion W.