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Walk-In Closet Organization Ideas For Your New Home Boerne

March 17, 2016

Nothing beats a walk-in closet for roomer clothing storage, but even a walk-in layout can become cluttered if not organized correctly. Before you know it, your shelves are piled high and your hanging area is full, making it hard to find anything you need. If your walk-in closet has become a mess in your home in Boerne, here are some organization tips to clear the chaos and create more storage space.

Light Up Your Storage

One thing that is often neglected in walk-in closets is adequate lighting. Regardless of how well your closet is organized, it is difficult to find what you need in a dim room. Add overhead lights that illuminate the room and consider lights under shelves for dark corners. 

Double-Up Your Hanging Rods

If you only have one level of hanging rods in your closet, make more room by adding a second level rod. Shirts and other short items don’t need all the extra space that is lost underneath. Have one small section for long items such as coats or dresses, then have a double rod design for your shirts and folder slacks. 

Wire Bins and Shelves

Organize your folded items by adding wire shelves and bins for ultimate storage. Wire closet organizing shelves are ideal as they allow air to surround your clothing, keeping them fresh and fighting moisture. Designate shelves for sweaters, jeans and other items to make it easy to find the item you need when you need it. 

Shoe Storage with Style

Get your shoes off the floor and protected in style with the addition of shelved shoe storage. Cubbies on the back wall can be a great way to easily find the shoes you are looking for; make them safe from intruding insects by placing each pair in a sealed, clear plastic container that fits neatly into each cubby. Never worry about putting your toes into a shoe hiding a spider or scorpion again. 

Access to Your Accessories

Adding thin drawers for your belts, scarves and other accessories can make it simple to find the perfect accent to your outfit. Use drawer separators to create rows that easily contain rolled up belts, watches or folded scarves so you can see every accessory you own at a glance. Use your shoe cubby for handbags, pairing matching items together for quick outfit assembly. 

Hide the Hamper

Get those dirty clothes out of sight by adding a hamper inside the door of your walk-in closet. Make sure the insert easily comes out to make it simple to bring your dirty clothes to the laundry room. 

Creating the ultimate walk-in closet is just one of the benefits of building a new home. If you are ready to begin planning your dream home in Boerne, let our designers at Scott Felder Homes be your guide. From the best layout for your lifestyle to a spacious walk-in closet for your master bedroom, we can ensure that your new home in Boerne has everything you need for a life well lived.

I quickly learned that quality and reputation are not the only things that set Scott Felder apart from the other builders I'd seen. Whereas another builder might offer options A,B,C for fixtures, flooring, countertops, etc, Scott Felder has literally hundreds of options for each and every aspect of the house, providing the customer with an experience typically only afforded to those building much more expensive custom homes. So, while I personally prefer more subtle design elements, a customer has all the options at their disposal to build a home that is truly reflective of their own style and personality. This customization, coupled with high quality construction, makes the whole process very exciting.

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