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Stages Of

Buying and Construction

At Scott Felder Homes we provide exceptional quality, beauty, and value all delivered in a timely manner. Excellent craftsmanship and reliable customer service has earned Scott Felder Homes a reputation as the premier new home builder in Central Texas. As home builders, we realize that the key to providing a better home-buying experience is to help our customers - who will soon be new home owners - to recognize the steps of development. Understanding the home-buying process makes the home construction experience much easier and much more exciting to follow. “Contract to Keys” was created to educate buyers on what to expect from the Scott Felder Homes home buying experience.


Mortgage Pre-Qualification

The first step is to begin the loan application process with Southern Lending Services, Ltd. This will ensure you are aware of your pre-approval amount and can move forward with a Sales Agreement.


Sales Acceptance and Behind the Scenes Preparation

Once you have decided on the home of your dreams to include the perfect plan with all your desired structural selections, it is time to finalize your Sales Agreement. Once this process is complete, our behind the scenes team will begin working to secure everything from permits to your specific house plans.


Design Appointments

Now the fun part begins where you will select the distinct home features that reflect your individuality and lifestyle at a Scott Felder Homes Design Studio (per community). Within three business days of acceptance, the Design Studio will contact you to schedule your appointments. During your appointment, all selections for the interior and exterior of the home will be made except for those affecting structure and foundation, which were already chosen in order to begin the permit and plan preparation. Please note that the Design Studio is by appointment only Monday through Friday. Please allow up to 3 hours for each appointment. All design studio selections must be finalized within 14 - 21 days depending on the community.


Pre-Construction Meeting

Pre-Construction Meeting - Your sales and construction team will contact you to schedule a pre-construction meeting to review the design of your home and any selections you have made in order to set expectations for the construction process. Please allow 2 hours for this appointment.


Under Construction

The beginning stages of construction include grading and staking your home. Form boards are meticulously measured and placed, the plumbing lines are run, and inspection officials are called. Once approved, we pour the concrete foundation. We then start framing the exterior and interior walls then raise the roof trusses. Exterior finishes are applied, roofing, windows, exterior doors and façade materials such as brick and siding. At this point, the mechanical systems are installed and your home is inspected by our superintendent and the local building inspecting official. In the next phase the interior walls are insulated and sealed and interior finishes are applied. The electrical work is complete and the power company hooks up the permanent power to the home allowing all systems to be checked. Driveways, walkways and patios are poured and the landscape features are planted.


Walk Through(s) Your "Closing"

Pre-Drywall Orientation –Before Drywall is put up the Sales and Construction team will set up a Pre-Drywall Orientation to meet with you and review all features and selections prior to installing drywall. Please allow between 1-2 hours for this appointment.

Pre-Closing Orientation - The Sales and Construction Team will lead you through a Pre-Closing Orientation. This orientation includes a demonstration of the features of your home and a room by room inspection. This takes place approximately 7 days prior to closing. Allow between 2-3 hours for this appointment. Any issues noted during that discussion will be corrected during the time between the first and second pre-closing meetings. Your second meeting will take place just prior to closing where you will sign your “Affidavit of Acceptance”. Please allow 30-45 minutes for this appointment.

Third Party Inspection Process - As part of our quality assurance, your Scott Felder home undergoes an independent third party inspection prior to foundation pour, drywall and completion. If you anticipate the use of a personal third party inspector at your expense, Scott Felder Homes must be notified in advance. See Sales Agreement, paragraph 10, for specifications.

Communication - Throughout the construction process, your Sales Associate will be your primary contact and will provide you with regular updates. Be sure to address any questions or concerns directly with him or her.


Closing and Warranty

The closing of your home is quite often the most exciting day in the process of building your new home. Upon the closing of your home and funding of your loan, keys to your home will be given to you at the Sales Center. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Scott Felder home. In order to ensure peace of mind, your closing package will include the registration of your ten-year limited warranty.