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It is Scott Felder Homes policy’ to consistently provide courteous and effective customer service to our homeowners during the term of the one year builder warranty. In order to respond quickly as possible and track any situations that may arise we ask that all warranty be put in written form via this request form or an email to our customer service team, sfhcs@sfhtx.com. A vendor list has been left in your home as well as a reference for contractor contact information specific to your home.

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I think the very first thing I noticed when walking into my first Scott Felder home was the visual appeal. Now I understand this is the result of very specific staging selections, and that a person's preferences in this regard vary, but there was something different about this home compared to all the others I had visited. There was no ostentatious display of luxury. There was no "contemporary" feel, soon to be supplanted by the next fad. I walked into a Scott Felder model home with an understated elegance; a perfect balance of form and function. I had found a builder that I wanted to move forward with.

Aaron G. | Austin, TX