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6 Gardening Trends To Keep In Mind For Your New Home In Austin

April 8, 2016

When you are putting the final touches to your home, it’s time to make the landscaping decisions. Deciding what to grow and where can seem overwhelming, but if you start with some basics, you can build on them over time. As you live and grow in your home, so will the functionality of your landscaping. Use some of these “growing” trends to get started.

Put Your Plants Where They Will Be Happy

This is a trend that transcends the ages. When planning your landscaping, look for the plants that best fits the area you want to fill. If it’s shady, find shade-loving plants such as the Impatient, American Beautyberry or Flame Acanthus. If it is an area outside the sprinkler range, purchase a drought resistant plant such as the Desert Olive or Kidneywood. Put the right plant in the right place and you will save both money and likely the plant’s life. 

Native Appeal

Nowhere is this trend more important than Texas. You don’t have to live in Texas long to know that not all plants belong here. With rain being a feast or famine ordeal and the sun reaching near torturous temperatures, it pays to purchase native plants. 

There are several beautiful shrubs and vines that flourish nicely in Texas conditions. Two that flower all summer are the Texas Bird of Paradise and the Passionflower Vine. The Purple Smoke tree, though not a flowering tree, offers a beautiful foliage just with its leaves. Mix and match native plants and you will have a beautiful flourishing landscape all year round. 

Natural Use of Water

More and more thought is being put into utilizing rainwater run-off in landscapes. With water being at a premium, it only makes sense to use what nature gives you. What’s more, plants love natural rain. Plan for water spouts to empty in an area where moisture loving plants are awaiting the benefits. To make things even more interesting, find a rain-induced flowering shrub such as sage to not only benefit from the water, but show its gratitude with its beautiful lavender flowers. 

Edible Ornamentals

Many fruit bearing and edible plants can double as landscape plants. Strawberries not only spread naturally as a ground cover, they produce fruit a few times a summer in Texas. Herbs such as oregano and basil continue all year in Austin’s climate. Though messy, the peach tree can provide wonderful shade along with its delicious fruit. 

Pollinator Gardens

Butterfly and bee enthusiasts everywhere endorse designating a portion of your precious land to nourish the pollen loving creatures. Milkweed, Black-eyed Susan, thyme and other nectar rich flowering plants will make your garden a-buzz with activity. Birds, too, will frequent your small sanctuary to complete the storybook atmosphere. 


This tried and true technique is still an attractive way to accent your patio and lawn. Potted plants look great with outdoor living spaces. Place small or large potted plants around the pool, fire pit area or lounge area to bring color and life to your outdoor environment and, in the colder months, use them to enhance your home’s interior. 

If you are ready for a new home, call our expert homebuilders in Austin at Scott Felder Homes to start designing your outdoor living space today.

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