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Creative Headboard Ideas That Make Your Bed A Masterpiece

May 6, 2016

Today, headboards can be much more than just a part of your bed – headboards can be a work of art, expressing your unique style, taste and personality. And whether your crafty or artsy, or no someone who is, making a headboard can be a relatively easy and inexpensive way to transform your bed into an artistic masterpiece.

Something Old to Something New. If you like a rustic, country feel, try making a headboard from an old door, window, fence, a fire place mantel, shutters or even wooden pallets. You can find interesting pieces at garage sales, refurbishing stores, or even in your own garage – your imagination is your limit when it comes to creating your perfect headboard.

Using Windows, Blinds and Mirrors. Use a window as a natural headboard or create a window effect by putting a valance with curtains as a mock headboard. A large mirror or four-fold dressing screen are two more quaint ideas that offer a romantic touch. 

Thou Art Beautiful. Hang a large painting over your bed, or if you’re artistic, paint a mural on the wall. Decals also offer a tremendous amount of versatility.

Hobby Headboards. Use dry-erase or chalkboards for a headboard that’s perfect for drawing or writing whatever masterpiece inspires you that particular day. 

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