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How to Give Your New Home Kitchen a San Antonio Flair

April 18, 2016

San Antonio is one of the most colorful, lively places in the southwest. It has its own unique flair that sets it apart from any other city in Texas. So if you live in San Antonio, why not emerge your home in the style the culture represents? And no part of your home speaks to culture more than the kitchen. The kitchen is where the family creates warm, savory memories over delicious encounters. Here are a few tips to help create that fiesta feeling in your San Antonio kitchen.

Color, Color, Color

It’s impossible to express San Antonio with pale beige walls or cabinets. Vibrancy is found in lively colors that express the nature surrounding the culture. Avocado green, sun yellow, orange-red hibiscus flowers and the like reflect all that is exciting and beautiful in central Texas. 

Traditionally, highly textured burnt-orange walls and floors are the back drop portrayed in the hacienda style. This basic color is then accented by colorful accents such as painting one wall with a mural, using colorful listel floor tiles or a beautiful floor mosaic. The rest of the color is brought in through accessories and furniture.

Furnish with Tradition

Traditionally, southwest flair can go a couple of ways. Most focus on the Spanish culture, or sometimes called hacienda style. This is very old world and can be either eloquent or rustic and sometimes a combination of both. It can be beautifully accented with stone, iron, leather, colorful tile or all of these items. Large crown molding can be used to accent the furniture, cabinets, and the ceilings. Distressed wood is popular as are iron scrolled table legs. Arches are common on hutches and chair backs and door ways. 

Accessorize with Nature

Bring the outdoors in with each picture, dish or light fixture. Displaying countryside figurines such as roosters or displaying dishes or pottery portraying avocados, flowers and cactus all represent the landscape that surrounds everyday life. Colorful baskets and blankets can be integrated into the décor of your kitchen by placing them on the walls, counters and above the cabinets. 

Nature is also reflected in the rustic cooper or iron scroll-worked light fixtures, cabinet knobs and handles. Cooper pans and utensils also speak to the earth, as do stone or tile counter tops. Hang your copper pans creatively and don’t worry if they look a little worn; it only adds to the character of a kitchen where food and love are combined.

To finish your San Antonio kitchen, add multicolored dishes, glasses and napkins. Having bowls of fruit and fresh vegetables add a convincing appeal, besides whetting the appetite. Then enjoy the sunny feeling your kitchen brings each day throughout the seasons.

If you are ready to build in the San Antonio area, call the friendly staff at Scott Felder Homes to plan your San Antonio home and we can help you make the right decisions to for you and your family’s lifestyle.

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