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Spring Cleaning: 5 Quick Ways To Organize Your Living Room In Your New Home In New Braunfels

April 11, 2016

After a winter of indoor living, your living room can take on a cluttered, cramped look. While doing an intense cleaning may improve things in general, there are a few quick changes that can be made that will give your living room a fresh, organized look in your new home in New Braunfels.

1.Get Rid of the Coffee Table

Coffee tables are clutter-collectors. Newspapers, magazines, cups, games, feet and so on find a permanent residence on these room center pieces. Since less time is spent in the house in the summer, remove this optional piece of furniture for the season and give your living room a new spacious feeling. All that clutter may find new places, but they won’t be the focal point

2.Utilize Your Corners

Corners are often neglected functional areas. Fill those spaces with a chair for the occasional extra guest or with a corner cabinet for extra storage. To create an alternative area, put a small two-seated table in a corner for sipping coffee, playing games or having an intimate chat away from the main attraction. 

3.Relocate the TV

If you haven’t already, put the TV on the wall. There are great media consoles that blend well with other furniture pieces to give your room a classy, less TV-focused look. In fact, with today’s technology, the TV can be put almost anywhere, including the option to flip it around to be used in the adjoining room. 

4.Use Your Vertical Space

Walls make up a large part of a room. There are several options on how to use this commodity to compliment your room and your life style. In a smaller room, use your walls to create the illusion of space by hanging up a large mirror on one wall. To further the effect, add a few shiny glass or metal accessories and it will feel like summer has entered your home. 

If your living room just has too many tables and would benefit with more floor space, use your walls for shelving. Eloquent built-in shelving would be ideal, but putting up some fashionable vertical shelves positioned by chairs and sofas can replace end tables leaving more open space around your furniture. 

5.Change a Few Pieces of Furniture

Another great clutter-buster is multifunctional furniture. A coffee table with shelves or drawers gives the option to keep books, magazines and gaming devices out of sight as do ottomans that have storage options within them. Another cute option is to put a chest or shelf behind a couch to keep blankets and other items your family likes to have in their living area. 

Making a few changes in your home a couple times a year not only adds new life and maximizes functionality, but it inspires the creativity to make your house a home. 

If you’re ready to build a home in New Braunfels, contact our experts at Scott Felder Homes and we will help you find the house that fits your needs. Spring is a great time to start designing a new house that you can make into a home for your loved ones. 

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